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3D 立体虚拟之旅
Rocky's 洛矶度假村视频

Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村 - 苏梅岛度假村,泰国


Reviews of Rocky's Boutique Resort
Rockys just gets better & better We have now stayed at Rocky's several times over the last 8 years and we keep coming back, for a relaxing break. Rockys is 'different', the resort settles against fabulous views of the gulf of Thailand, with the main dining area literally 'on the rocks'. The gardens are an intricate woven visual display of colour, attention to detail and splendid design, which delights the eye at every turn. The rooms are quite lovely, with so many little extras included and not at all like a regular resort room, they have a real 'homely Asian feel'. As red is one of our favourite colours the ambience created by the resorts decor of fabulous colour of which red is a feature, is quite delightful. The service is always good and again attention to detail and friendliness is a given. There are a No of 'speciality food' evenings, which are quite sumptuous and tempting - hence the food at Rockys is great. Rockys is within short walking distance to some local shops but on a very busy road with no pavement. Hence transport is a must, either your own or taxi is needed when staying here. Many of the rooms require a lot of uneven stone steps to access them and even those on ground level again are not accessed by level ground. So you need to be sure footed at this resort. The beach is rocky and not a swimming beach but great to go for a walk along and to admire the view. On our visit this time we also went to visit the resort 'Code' as this resort also has high reviews and to be honest once we viewed this resort, it makes one realise how subjective Tripadvisor reviews can be. Code was not easy to find and is at least 1KM from the beach and up a mountain goat of a driveway, plus some distance from the main areas of Chewang and Lamai. The staff were extremely pleasant & showed us around but the comparison to Rockys is glaringly obvious. If you want ultra modern, white, stainless steel, glass & a kitchen in your room, then this is for you. But no shade, no trees, no gardens - just very modern & in total contrast to Rocky's, which is 'softer' to the eye and has a more relaxed feel. Just thought it worth mentioning as both resorts rated highly on TA.
1Scarlett1 - July 11, 2014

Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村是一座私人的有着幽静小平房的苏梅岛度假村。我们的豪华住宿群拥有 47 间温馨小平房以及3座有私人泳池的别墅。度假村坐落于沙滩上,面对无与伦比的暹罗湾美景,而且只有短短的步行距离就可到拉迈市中心。每天都可以看到当地传统的长尾渔船出海及满载渔获而归。这里不仅是个理想的休闲场所,并可自在地享受这度假村惊人的自然美景及其住宿设施,绝对令您有一个难忘的的假期。

在 Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村,我们有2座游泳池,一座就位在海边之滨,另一座位于上层的花园里。两者都有大面积的池畔区可供休憩,点个池畔小吃或细啜鸡尾酒。我们的精致美食餐厅坐落于一颗大花岗岩之上,可俯瞰大海。让您的晚餐伴随着海浪拍岸的轻柔呢喃进食。我们还拥有一个可俯瞰我们花园泳池的美丽的 Bistro 小酒馆餐厅。

拉迈海滩缤纷的灯光,酒吧和夜生活,就在不到五分钟的车程,而最热闹的查汶海滩与其一系列丰富多彩的商店,酒吧和餐馆,则大约是 15 分钟的车程。

Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村有3个幽静的海滩,被露出地面上的花岗岩包围形成如诗般的天然海湾。海水如水晶般的透彻,美丽的珊瑚礁和缤纷的热带鱼成为浮潜的理想所在。


Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村的滨海平房是沿着海岸线而建,每间平房都距离海面约5米。海景平房则是架高建构以给您暹罗湾的壮观视野,距离沙滩约25米。而我们的苏梅平房可能是苏美岛所能提供的最好的平房了。我们的泰式别墅则坐落于更高的地点上,置身于棕榈树和异国风情植栽当中,给您真正的壮丽景致。


我们的苏梅豪华别墅群,是两房设计的可以舒适地睡上六个大人。它们都是拥有私人小泳池的两层楼泰式别墅,每层楼面积约120平方米。这些泰式别墅包含两间主卧,每间各具特大号床和豪华浴室,装饰以花岗岩砌面以及天然石材地板砖... 更多