Rocky's 洛矶精致度假村滨海的泰式按摩

Enjoy the sound of the waves in our charming beachfront sala as you relax and enjoy your massage treatment. Each of our masseuses has extensive training in traditional Thai massage, Aromatic Oil massage, facial massage, and Thai reflexology foot massage.


传统泰式按摩 B750 / 时间
芳香精油按摩 B850 / hour
泰式与精油混合按摩 B1,100 (1 ½ 小时)
泰式药草热压按摩 B1,350 (1 时间)
脚底按摩 B750 (1 时间)
头颈及肩部按摩 B750 (1 时间)
脸部按摩 B1,300 (1 时间)
修甲或修脚 B450
去角质 B700
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There are also a number of local spas which offer excellent service and offer a variety of full spa packages including steam room, body wraps and scrubs within a short distance from Rocky's.



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