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Legal Weddings

Arranging legally recognized marriages in Thailand can be quite an involved process, but entirely possible.
Rocky’s Boutique Resort

A quick explanation of the process involved looks like this:

  • The Bride and Groom should do as much research as possible, corresponding with their country’s embassy here in Thailand before they arrive. Most embassy websites have all the information you’ll need in regards to getting your marriage certified here in Thailand.
  • The Bride and Groom must visit their country’s embassy in Bangkok and fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  • They then need to get these documents translated into Thai at a certified translators.
  • Next, a trip across town to the Foreign Affairs office is required to get the translations stamped.
  • You are then ready to come down to Samui. Here, we will submit your papers to the local Amphur (legal Witness). He will then bring your documents on the day of your wedding, sign off on all relevant areas and give you your Thai wedding certificate.
  • Then you will need to make one more trip to the translators (in Thailand or back home) to get the Thai certificates translated into your native language
  • Finally, a visit to your local registry office will ensure your legal marriage in Thailand is recognized in your country of residence.

Full Legal Guide Service

At Rocky’s, we’ve made the process simple by allowing you to spend only one night in Bangkok (depending on your nationality) and we handle the rest. Our guide will meet you at the embassy, show you all relevant documents and help you fill them out. They will take care of the rest of the process after visiting your embassy. They will send the documents down to Samui and arrange for the Amphur to be present for your ceremony. Finally, they will get the Thai certificates translated and sent to your residential address. The cost for this starts at B20,000 ++ (excluding Embassy fees). Please contact us for more details.