Veranda Resort

Veranda Resort


Once you’ve decided on a date and which accommodation you’ll be requiring, you will receive on-going support from our Wedding Coordinator to ensure that your special day unfolds exactly as you have envisaged.

Emails, phone calls and faxes will ensure you can share all the information that we will need to create your dream wedding here in Thailand. Once you’ve arrived on Samui, you will sit down with the Coordinator and fine tune details such as flowers, decorations and additional options you have been considering. We will take you through a ‘walk through’ so you will know what to expect on the big day… this certainly helps ease those nerves.


The Wedding day begins as you would like it to. Perhaps, you and you fiancé will have decided to stay traditional by not seeing each other the night before and morning of the ceremony. Or, you may simply enjoy sharing breakfast together… however you please.

If you decide to get ready in separate rooms, the groom will first be greeted by our flower girls and Drum Parade musicians. He will then be led to the wedding sala where the Pastor or Celebrant will be waiting. The bride will then be escorted down to meet her patiently waiting groom. The wedding ceremony in Thailand begins with the welcome words of the pastor/celebarant, followed by the couple’s vows and rings exchange then the pronouncement of the happy couple, the ceremony will of course be sealed with the famous “You may now kiss the bride.” You are welcome to customize your own wedding ceremony by choosing or even writing your wedding vows.

After the wedding ceremony has completed, the popping of corks will be heard as Sparkling wine is opened and served along with specially-made canapés. If the couple has chosen to complete the legal paperwork, the Amphur will be present and witness the signing.

Following this, if the couple has chosen the photography option, the photographer will take the couple around the resort for photographs.

In the evening, there is an option for a celebration dinner for the wedding party including a private barbecue, or specially prepared menu with table settings either in the restaurant, or in our very private, air conditioned Banquet room. Please see our Samui Wedding Reception page for more details. Samui Wedding Reception

The bridal suite will be made up with flowers on the bed, candles, decoratons, and Sparkling Wine.

Having a wedding at Rocky’s in Thailand gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy your time with your loved one, without the stress and hassle of planning a wedding back home. Here all the details will be taken care of for you, the setting is gorgeous, and the price is a fraction of what it would be in your home country.

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